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$10.00 / On Sale

All from my personal collection. Most played only once.

From Left to Right:
Revenge - Behold.Total.Rejection (2014 press. black) SOLD OUT
The Acacia Strain - Coma Witch (Clear)
Twilight Fauna - Hymns Of A Forgotten Homeland
Revenge - Victory.Intolerance.Mastery (white lp. repress) SOLD OUT
The Funeral Pyre - Vultures at Dawn SOLD OUT
Cattle Decapitation - (red lp) SOLD OUT
Tsjuder ‎– Demonic Possession (Black repress) SOLD OUT
Woman Is The Earth ‎– Torch Of Our Final Night (Red/Black Splatter) SOLD OUT
A.M.S.G. ‎– Hostis Universi Generis (Black) SOLD OUT
Struck By Lightning - Serprents (Gold/Black)
Maruta - In Narcosis
Maruta - Forward into Regression