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Aucun - Demo I | MMXVIII (distro)



"Aucun is a one-man U.S. black metal band whose debut demo was released May 5th. It consists of five tracks. Across those five tracks the music alternates.

The first, third, and fifth tracks are untrammeled, distortion-shrouded assaults on the senses. The vocals are especially unnerving in their ear-mauling extremity; the drumming is alternately maniacal and booming; and the riffs, though variable, are well-calculated forms of sonic terrorism. Yet I found all three tracks exciting — and the ringing, otherworldly melodies that flow through these hurricanes exude shades of bleak and infernal grandeur.

The intervening second and fourth tracks, which don’t include drums, veer in dramatically different directions. The first of those is a mystical, mesmerizing piece made from haunting guitar reverberations and mists of ambient sound. The long, heaving cascades of melody in the second one also create an unearthly ambience, though it’s more unsettling, in part because vocals are present — and they’re horrifying.

In a nutshell, the full run through this demo from start to finish is a fascinating, albeit disturbing, one." - Islander | No Clean Singing